Rotogrinders CourtIQ

See who was on the court at what points in the game and what they did. Also use the on/off tool to see what specific players hav done in situations with other specific teammates off the court. You can also see how a particular defense has done against a player archetype that they are due to face.

Rotogrinders Lineup Optimizer

Edit projections or use theirs and generate optimal combinations of players for the day’s games.  They’ve recently moved use of any of their projections to behind the paywall.  This is not a good free option for now.

Fantasy 5x5 dvp gamelog

View recent performances of players in a specific position against any team in terms of fantasy points scored, real points scored, rebounds or a variety of other statistics and whether or not those players have had above or below average games in that spot.

Fantasy 5x5 dvp boosts for the matchup

View whether or not players at the same position as players playing that day are averaging above or below their personal averages against that team. See where what statistics might be easier or more difficult to come by for that player that day.

Basketball Monster DVP layout

See a crisp and efficient display of defense vs position to easily and quickly find the most generous spots for the day, in terms of which teams have allowed a lot of fantasy points to that particular position.

5dimes Sportsbook, Racetrack and Online Live Casino

The best way to invest in your sports knowledge online. You can select between 1 and 25 predictions of individual players and stats to put into a bet instead of being forced into exactly 4,8 or 9 selections which encompass all of a player’s statistics for the game. The bettor is able to more precisely apply their sports knowlege to their prediction and in a way that is not as much of a low-probability task as predicting the outcomes of many players and stats all in combination and concert with each other.

Drafters Snakedraft Fantasy Website

This website is like other daily fantasy sports websites but you take turns picking the players instead of owning the same players as other people who fit them into the salary cap allotment.

My Prize Picks

This is basically a website for making a parlay or accumulator of just fantasy scoring predictions